Board of Representatives 7.5.22 Concealing Government Felony Crimes and 3 illegal incarcerations


Board of Representatives violating Freedom of Speech and equal opportunity to address the Board , Misprision of Felony, Violations of the Law from violation of 1st amendment rights to free speech – 3 illegal incarcerations, My legal problems are the problems of the City when police are being paid to commit felony crimes and put innocent people in jail and mental ward prison, false arrests, trespassing , threatening, attempted murder, 3 illegal incarcerations, government conspiracy embezzlement costing the tax payer millions of dollars as government and police conspire to figure out to hide the crimes of the entire city government, including the State Government , DMHAS & Superior Court Judges concealing government conspiracy felony crimes by committing more government conspiracy felony crimes, violating city, state and federal laws (concealing felony crimes for over 25 years) and illegal labor practices including the United auto Workers Union and concealing many construction crimes. Board of Reps is using communist tactics of restricting free speech to conceal government conspiracy crimes…..

Only God and Love can help us now!



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