Court reveals its corruption – Las Vegas Sun Newspaper


The recent decision overturning Roe v. Wade diminishes the Supreme Court. It is no longer reliable as a fair interpreter of the Constitution.

In the past, the court generally got rulings right. But it has become as political as the Senate and in fact makes more law affecting the country.

The Roe ruling shows that the court is corrupt. Corruption is when you use your official position for your own personal gain. The weak analysis shown in the opinion for overturning well-settled law illustrates that the judges are using their positions for their own religious, political or personal beliefs. The fact that all recent appointees denied in their confirmation hearings that they wanted to overturn Roe also illustrates this corruption. Corrupt people hide their corruption.

Many gun rights advocates say they are relying on their Second Amendment rights. But if a settled right to abortion can be reversed, another court can reverse Second Amendment rights.

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