CovertAction 44 Celebration & Fundraiser


On June 25th CovertAction Magazine is hosting a fundraising event featuring outstanding speakers including Abby Martin, John Kiriakou, Christian Parenti, Gloria La Riva, Aaron Maté and Ray McGovern. The event will be held on a rooftop in New York City and broadcast live worldwide via Facebook and Youtube. You will also be able to watch the event here on this page.

Forty-four years ago, ex-CIA whistleblower Philip Agee, co-founded CovertAction Information Bulletin, later renamed CovertAction Quarterly. Over the past five years a group of dedicated folks have re-built the magazine, placing it online and soliciting articles from a new generation of authors who are fully dedicated to extending Phil’s legacy. Now more than ever we need hard-hitting, reliable, accurate and independent journalism to help expose government lies, cover-ups and crimes—and that’s what we do at CovertAction Magazine.

We are currently publishing half-a-dozen original articles every week with over a million visitors coming to our site every year. We have also launched CovertAction Bulletin, a weekly podcast on Patreon, aired on WBAI at 99.5 in NYC (Weds at 9am), and syndicated throughout the Pacifica Radio network.

Not everyone agrees with everything we publish, but I know you would agree that getting to the truth often requires exposure to conflicting, even disturbing and controversial points of view.

Our ability to continue to publish articles such as the ones highlighted below are dependent on maintaining and growing our organizational infrastructure.

– Exposed NATO provocation of Russia and deceit surrounding the war in Ukraine

– Exposed the depredations of Africom and recolonization of Africa

– Developed a series on the CIA’s role in political assassinations

– Revealed that the U.S. government is secretly funneling billions of dollars to right-wing terrorists conspiring to overthrow democratically elected leaders in Venezuela and Nicaragua

– Uncovered the Bush administration’s possible complicity in the “accidental” plane crash that killed progressive senator Paul Wellstone in 2002

– Published strong evidence that the Sarin gas attack falsely blamed on Assad—and used by Obama to justify his bombing raids on Syria—was actually a “false flag” attack deliberately staged by CIA-funded terrorist groups to manipulate U.S. public opinion

– Publicized the warning of a former top White House policy advisor that “Idiots in the Pentagon Are Pushing the U.S. into a Military Confrontation with China over Nothing.”

– Exposed the saintly World Wildlife Fund as a global ‘hit squad’ whose job is to help push Native Peoples off their lands so transnational corporations can steal their natural resources

– Disclosed evidence that Senator John McCain and other high-ranking Vietnam war POWs may have lied to the American public about being tortured

– Analyzed how the FBI and local New York City police could have been involved in the brutal 1965 murder of Malcolm X—for which two innocent men were framed and imprisoned for more than 20 years, until recently exonerated and released

– Investigated how the CIA, LAPD and FBI could have collaborated with the Mafia to assassinate Robert F Kennedy to make sure he never reached the White House



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