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Nevada University Police Services warning public of phone fraud scam


LAS VEGAS, Nev. (FOX5) – Nevada University Police Services is warning the public of a telephone fraud scam in which the caller impersonates a University Police Officer.

The Nevada University Police Services protects college campuses all across Southern Nevada.

In a recent incident, a male individual contacted the victim first claiming that her Amazon account had been compromised. When the victim questioned the individual, he said that law enforcement would be contacting her.

The victim was then told she had been identified as being involved in a crime and to avoid being arrested she needed to purchase several Target gift cards in $500 increments.

UPS said it will not contact anyone asking for money or gift cards to resolve a criminal matter.

Should individuals receive a call they believe to be a scam:

  • Notify University Police of the potential scam, and/or verify the validity of the call by contacting University Police at 702-895-3668
  • Do not give the caller any personal information
  • Ask questions to verify the callerโ€™s identity. Also, check with family members to see if the information the caller is giving is correct
  • Do not send cash, gift cards or money transfers
  • Do not give out personal or bank account information via email, over the phone or log into bank accounts as directed by the caller

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