SNS Serves 3-Days Ultimatum To Sikkim Government; Seeks Action Over ‘Corruption Allegations’ Against Chief Secretary 



  • Sujal Pradhan, NET Correspondent, Sikkim

The Sikkimey Nagarik Samaj (SNS) today served three-days ultimatum to the Sikkim Government, demanding immediate action against the Chief Secretary – SC Gupta over “corruption allegations.

The General Secretary of SNS – Passang Sherpa noted that “we are serving 3-days ultimatum to  government for initiating action against Chief Secretary – SC Gupta on numerous allegations levelled against him over ‘misappropriation of funds’, and failure of the demand might result into staging demonstrations.”

Reiterating the details of the case, the President of SNS – Bharat Basnett said, “On June 2, SNS during a press conference highlighted the alleged corruption charges against the Chief Secretary. We showed all the evidences against him. On June 3, Mr. Gupta arranged a press conference to clarify his statement. It was a blatant effort to mislead the public and the administration.”

“The Chief Secretary admitted of receiving 6 cheques worth of Rs. 57 lacs. This money according to Mr Gupta was advance payment for the land he sold to one Mr. Ravi Bansal.” – added Basnett.

“The sale deed for the land in Rajasthan which was worth of Rs 1.4 crores was signed on Sikkim stamp paper of Rs 50. Mr Gupta said it was notarized whereas Notary Act has not been extended here. The Oath Commissioner cannot certify any sale agreements. He has repeatedly tried to mislead the Sikkimese people and also the government,” stated the SNS President.

Meanwhile, the SNS members – Passang Sherpa and Bharat Basnett criticized the explanations given by Jacob Khaling and C P Sharma on behalf of Mr. Gupta.

“As political secretary and adviser to the Chief Minister, why are they behaving like spokesperson for Mr Gupta,” they asked.

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