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When someone is subject to home theft & vandalism, the effects are devastating. It is VITAL that our firm is called FIRST. We can react immediately, communicate with your insurance company, and begin the task of taking inventory of the stolen belongings, and assessing their worth. Having Total Public Adjusting involved right from the start can ensure that your insurance claim is properly handled every step of the way, yielding a far higher payout than going it alone.

We understand in many respects your life needs to be put back together. Allow us to handle the burdensome claims process, and protect your rights in the process.
Total Public Adjusting is a licensed public insurance adjusting firm and we represent property owners to their insurance company for damages, mostly from things they had no idea were covered. 215-396-8452. We basically stop owners from paying out of pocket for home repairs, and our fee for this service is offset because as licensed adjusters, we consistently get our clients far more from their insurance company than going it alone. We offer a property inspection to anyone ready to let us in their home to locate damage. Many times our clients get paid literally thousands of dollars they never knew they were entitled to.
Before you pay for that home repair, call Total Public Adjusting. 215-396-8452. Many homeowners are not sure what is covered and therefore pay out of pocket for covered claims.
Call us prior to paying out of pocket for repairs such as these: (215-396-8452) Roof Damage, Wind Damage, Floor Damage, Water Damage, Fire Damage, Smoke Damage, Pipe Leaks, Theft and Vandalism, Business Interruption, Plumbing Leaks, Flooring Damage, Ice Damming, Cracked Tile Floor, Building Collapse, Storm Damage.
For more detailed information, please visit us on the web at:
We don’t get paid unless we recover money for you.
Statistics show that by using a public adjuster, insurance payouts are up to 10x higher.



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