Whistleblowers and False Claims Act Violations


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Video Transcript:
Since COVID and the passage of the CARES Act and different companies obtaining PPP loans, we’ve been receiving questions from people about what happens if they’ve observed their employer or a company they deal closely with committing fraud, and if that happens is there anything that can be done about it. And the short answer is yes. There has been a mechanism that has been in federal law since the civil war that allows for someone to become a whistleblower and report to the federal government if they suspect that their employer or someone with whom they do business is defrauding the federal government. It’s called a qui tam action.

I’m Bryan Comer from Tobias, McCormick and Comer if you feel that your employer or a company with whom you’re closely related such as a vendor is improperly using federal funds obtained from the CARES Act or the payroll protection program please give us a call at 251-432-5001. If you become a whistleblower and alert the federal government to the fraud there are certain protections that are available to you, so please give us a call to set up your consultation to make sure that your rights are properly protected.



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