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The South China Sea has long been a source of territorial disputes between several Asian countries. DW takes a look at who owns what, and why the contested waterway is so strategically important. An escalation in the conflict over territory in the South China Sea could have global consequences, given that more than $5 trillion (4.25 trillion euros) in traded goods and a third of all maritime traffic worldwide passes through its waters each year. And its floor is believed to contain massive, mostly untapped reserves of oil and natural gas. The sea covers about 3,500,000 square kilometers (1,400,000 square miles) and is a main route connecting Pacific and Indian Ocean ports.

If China secures more territorial control in the region, it could potentially disrupt shipments to other countries, as well as secure huge oil and gas reserves, thus easing its reliance on the narrow Strait of Malacca for its energy needs. It could also potentially deny access to foreign military forces, such as the United States. The US has maintained that the South China Sea is international water, and that sovereignty in the area should be determined by the UNCLOS. Washington has been critical of China’s island constructions, and from time to time sends military ships and planes near disputed areas as part of so-called “freedom of navigation” operations. These actions are seen as attempts to reassure allies in the region, such as the Philippines, and to ensure access to key shipping and air routes remain open.

Chapters for the show:

00:00 Countdown
10:22 Intro
15:15 South China Sea – where does the name come from
19:00 Taiwan and economic importance of South China Sea
30:00 What’s the “nine dash line”?
39:14 US Naval Military intelligence expert
1:17:08 User Question about the “Heavenly Mandate”
1:23:11 Who else has interests in the South China Sea with China Analyst
1:47:50 India’s competing interests with China
1:59:25 Japan’s interest in all of this
2:02:51 Conclusion


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