INTERVIEW | We’ve lot of information on corruption during Congress rule: JC Madhu Swamy


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Opposition parties are planning to corner the state government on corruption issues, including the alleged 40 per cent commission sought from contractors, during the legislature sessions starting from Monday. Members from Congress and JDS will try to put the government on the mat over other issues too, including the failing law and order situation across the state and flooding of Bengaluru. Law and Parliamentary Affairs Minister JC Madhu Swamy said the government is prepared to give a befitting response to the issues taken up by the Opposition.

Is the government bringing any new bills this time?
Yes, there are seven to eight bills and a few ordinances which will be tabled during the session. We hope that these pieces of legislation will be passed in both Houses smoothly.

With floods creating havoc, will there be any special discussion on floods?
If this is proposed during the Business Advisory Committee (BAC) meeting, we can consider allowing a discussion on floods during the session as the entire state is affected.

The Opposition is all set to corner the government on various issues, including allegations of corruption and law and order situation. What is the government’s strategy?
We are always prepared to answer any of their issues. We are here to answer them. Students who study the entire year need not have to make special preparations before exams. We are not those students who study for exams. We will give a befitting and apt reply.

The contractors’ association made serious allegations against the government and that issue is also expected to be taken up by Congress legislators…
We have a lot of information about corruption in their government. If we reveal that, it will be big. We will limit it to a certain level and defend (the government). If they (Congress) try to make it big, they will reap what they sow. Our decision on this is based on what they raise.

In Bommai’s government, at present, there are six berths vacant. Will this be a burden during the session as there are no ministers for some portfolios, while some ministers have a lot of departments?
There will be no issues as department officials prepare the replies. On the remaining issues, Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai will take a decision. He might have some parallel arrangements for that.

During every session, legislators complain about officials not present during the discussions. What do you have to say?
This time, I am insisting that the officials have to be present in their seats. Whoever has been allotted that particular hour and day has to be present. But sometimes, with sessions on in both Houses, it will be a problem for them to be present in both Houses and organise systematically. When such a situation arises, we cannot be focusing only on the allotment or timetable of these officials.

Another major concern is the absence of legislators or them not coming on time. Why no action is taken against them?
We will see if something is done this time. We will discuss it with the CM as he is the chairman of the legislature party. If the legislature party meeting is called, he can advise the members to be regular and punctual.

Will it be a stormy session as it has been called after six months?
There is no storm, it will just be a normal session.

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