Why DeFi’s leading DEX developer only holds Bitcoin – Taureau the ZigZag Founder


Zigzag exchange is the largest L2 DEX on ZKSync. Its founder Taureau joins this weeks podcast to discuss its development, his Bitcoin only portfolio, and how Chinese airdrop farmers crashed the website.

*PIF Labs is an advisor in Zigzag Exchange.

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0:00 Intro
2:49 Guest Intro + History of Zigzag
5:25 Building on ZKSync
6:51 Keys to Success for Zigzag
12:13 Differences between CeFi/DeFi order books
14:01 Where does Zigzag fit into the Money Lego stack?
16:49 Zigzag vs GMX
27:09 Trader experience
28:18 Motivation to create a DEX
33:00 Zigzag’s community & Airdrops
37:35 Zigzag’s market markers
40:21 Decentralization of the tech & multi-sig
51:30 Bitcoin Maxi’s FTW
58:48 The problem with ETH
1:01:59 Can crypto ever become stable?
1:06:54 Bitcoin as a national reserve currency
1:09:47 Dollar Milkshake Theory
1:11:34 Lingua Franca
1:14:05 Macro Thesis
1:17:43 What does success look like for Zigzag?
1:19:50 ETH Maxis make no sense
1:23:44 Lightning Round
1:27:30 Outro


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