Crypto Financed its own funeral or did it?

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FTX create a problem or did a Political party? The party that collected all the stolen money is now saying they need to REGULATE all crypto that didn’t give them money. The fix was in when FTX was created and put in that same category.

News Stories and their resources

200 million from FTX to Democrats for election of Crypto Regulators. A false narrative.

10 terms the News didn’t know about crypto until FTX laid the ground work for complete digital control by US governement.

New York Post reference article make sure you follow the author of this article. Miranda Devine

0:00 Intro
07:20 History of why we tolerate corruption
08:50 buying Graphics cards to Mine crypto was first red flag.
11:00 Mind the Gap charity money laundry for Democrats
14:00 Democrats enemy to privacy and crypto
15:00 Coin and Crypto News providing lies to YouTube influencers.
16:00 YouTube influencers Aversion to Authority was used against their own interest.
1845 Elon Musk taking control of Twitter and the 144 character message format.
21:00 FTX Panicked EARLY
22:30 80,000 IRS Agents are part of this very scam
23:30 Democrat area keep counting until they win an election
25:30 The reason combat veterans bleed is to get all votes counted.
28:00 NFL is a Socialist Society
31:20 The average age of a constitution is 17 years old
35:00 the First Act of War is to Counterfeit
36:00 China using FOMO (fear of missing out) to manipulate markets
37:00 ETH VS BITCOIN vs new laws on FTX Collapse
44:00 Putin needs a Warm Water Port to Manipulate oil markets
45:00 FTX Used Ukraine to Laundry money
48:00 Divided Government is NOT good.
49:30 Crypto is not in control of its own language
52:00 Caring vs accomplishments
58:00 Individuals fighting for rights has become the burden
1:02:00 Charity drives
1:04:00 NFT’s were the core of Hollywood money luandrying
1:10:00 Political Compromise is not compromise
1:13:00 NAS Sodium Sulfur battery suppression to favor China
1:20:00 speculation mining is nothing but risk
1:21:00 If I have to Cheat to Eat the Conversation needs to change.

#FTXbankruptcy #FTXScandal #FTXScam

Translated titles:
Crypto financió su propio funeral o lo hizo?

Crypto hat seine eigene Beerdigung finanziert oder doch?

Crypto a-t-il financé ses propres funérailles ou l’a-t-il fait ?

Crypto financiou seu próprio funeral ou não?

क्रिप्टो ने अपने स्वयं के अंतिम संस्क

Crypto 資助了自己的葬禮還是真的?

Crypto Finansierede sin egen begravelse eller gjorde det det?

Crypto Financierde zijn eigen begrafenis of deed het?


Crypto는 자체 장례식에 자금을 조달했습니까?


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