Legalizing Border Crossing for All: The Next Stage of Biden's Migration Crisis


Read the Report:

Washington, D.C. (November 21, 2022) – Out of the sight of news drone cameras, invisible to the American public, and absent from the border apprehension statistics, a new, legally questionable, system of providing immigrants entry to the United States has been rapidly expanding. A new Center report, with accompanying video, describes how the Biden administration, under the authority of “humanitarian or significant public benefit parole”, is admitting “legally” those who had intended to cross illegally, with the help of the Mexican government and non-profit migrant advocate volunteers.

Immigration parole is a very limited authority allowing the president to admit aliens who have no visa or other permission to enter. The Biden administration has been massively abusing it to run what amounts to an alternative immigration program.

But up to now, the abuse of parole has been confined to people who have already illegally crossed the border. Under this new initiative, the Department of Homeland Security pre-approves applicants for humanitarian parole while they are still in Mexico, and then Mexico escorts them daily to hand-offs at ports of entry to the Americans who admit them sight unseen into the interior. Beneficiaries are granted work authorization and the right to apply for asylum.

Todd Bensman, the Center’s senior national security fellow and author of the report, said, “Word of this new pathway to the United States has spread quickly, and thousands are swamping Mexican shelters. During my field research, I had access to the Mexican side of the operation in both Tijuana and Mexicali where Mexican officials enter the selected immigrant into the CBP-ONE data portal so the Americans can pre-approve them for hand-off at the border crossing – Mexican immigration buses pick up the migrants and deliver them to the Americans. Fraud and corruption are already prevalent.”

This is a work-around to evade court-ordered expulsion policies and appears to be funneling immigrants into the United States through ports of entry from the Pacific Coast to the Gulf of Mexico and has operations well south of the American border.

“The Biden administration’s perversion of immigration parole and disregard for decades of congressional intent has reached a new low in cynically laundering the status of would be illegal aliens so they won’t be counted as border apprehensions,” said George Fishman, the Center’s senior legal fellow. “This degradation of the rule of law can be controlled by either a federal court enjoining the widespread abuse of the parole power or Congress defunding the mischief.”



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