How Elizabeth Holmes pulled a 15 year con with Theranos, finally found Guilty || El Podcast EP10


Welcome to Episode 10 of El Podcast. YouTuber @Ash Silver joins us to discuss the Theranos Saga. How Elizabeth Holmes fooled investors, Walgreens and Safeway in her 15 year long con. We also discussed her recent sentencing. Did she get a light sentence? Stay till the end of the video to find out.


0:00 Intro
1:14 The Theranos Saga
4:47 How did Elizabeth Holmes get investors to invest millions of dollars to Theranos
9:03 Was Elizabeth Holmes a Sociopath?
11:53 Did Elizabeth Holmes have kids to get sympathy from the jury?
15:07 Who is Sunny Balwani?
18:36 Why is Billy Evans dating Elizabeth Holmes?
20:12 Elizabeth Holmes never accepted responsibility and it affected her sentence
21:27 Did Elizabeth Holmes get a light sentence?
26:27 Why was Sunny found guilty more charges?
28:39 Was Sunny Balwani the fall guy for Theranos?
29:43 Does Elizabeth Holmes appeal have a chance of giving her a lesser sentence?
31:47 What did the show The Dropout get right and wrong?
32:23 Safeway spent a lot of money on Theranos deal
35:06 How did Theranos lie about the products?
38:45 Theranos whistleblowers Erika Cheung and Tyler Shultz
44:19 Truth is Stranger than fiction and the media
50:12 How did Walgreens get fooled?
52:36 The culture at Theranos HQ
55:19 Key differences between Elizabeth Holmes and Adam Neuman
59:03 The Grifter Economy
1:04:28 Elizabeth Holmes fake it till you make it
1:05:22 How much money does Elizabeth Holmes have
1:08:37 Final thoughts on the Theranos Saga


Special Thanks to Ash Silver
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