Whistleblower insurance adjusters short clip 2


Attorney Steven Bush interviews whistleblowers from insurance companies after Hurricane Ian in southwest Florida.

The state of Florida made it a felony to misrepresent information on an estimate, will authorities prosecute the insurance companies and their vendors like they would the public?

A balance of power is needed to protect consumers after national disasters. Consumers have a right to hire their own representation, especially now that we know insurers are willfully denying the fair settlement of hurricane claims.

Insurers and policyholders should each have a right to hire their own adjuster to advocate for them, and in instances of fraud, each should be held criminally liable. Insurance companies play the victim card but this interview shows us that oftentimes law-abiding homeowners are victimized by the insurers and the people they employ.

TJ Ware, American Policyholder Association Board Advisor, and host of the Hurricane Ian Show discusses the potential implications of these bombshell allegations.

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