Bob McDonnell and his wife indicted on federal corruption charges


Former Virginia governor Bob McDonnell and his wife, Maureen, were charged with improperly accepting gifts from a Virginia businessman by a federal grand jury on Tuesday.

The indictment accuses the McDonnells of accepting more than $135,000 in expensive clothing, trips and loans, among other items from Jonnie R. Williams Sr., CEO of Star Scientific, a maker of dietary supplements, in exchange for giving his business a leg up.

The once rising Republican star maintains he never treated Williams any differently than he would any other Virginia businessman.

Addressing reporters in Richmond on Tuesday, McDonnell said he did “nothing illegal” and vowed to “use every available resource and advocate… for as long as it takes to fight and prevail against these false allegations and the unjust overreach of the federal government.”

“I believe the facts and the law are clearly on our side,” McDonnell said, standing with his wife and two children. “We will face these false allegations with strength and firm resolve.”

Soon after the details of McDonell’s relationship with Williams surfaced last Spring he, despite maintaining his innocence throughout, announced he was returning all the gifts and loans from Mr. Williams. We wonder though, did he really return everything?


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