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Omar Sharif was involved in gang activity in London. He says his involvement began at 13 years old when he was approach by a gang member.

He speaks to Insider about London gangs and how they operate. Since leaving the gang, Omar worked as a motivational speaker, life coach and youth worker. He was given the Prince’s Trust award for his efforts.

Omar’s services can be accessed through the link below:

This story video was produced by an Insider reporter who chose to remain anonymous to protect their safety.

00:00 – Intro
00:27 – The Structure
03:26 – The Money
04:27 – The Gang Wars
06:31 – The Weapons
08:32 – The Recruitment
10:55 – The Gang Expansion
11:51 – The Influence
13:49 – The Policing
15:38 – The Solutions
18:00 – The Aftermath

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How London Gangs Actually Work | How Crime Works | Insider


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