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The former US ambassador to Ukraine, Marie Yovanovitch, talks to Emily Tamkin about how Russia and the world underestimated Ukraine’s resolve ahead of the former’s February invasion, and how the West needs to hold its nerve and stay united to support Ukraine.

Yovanovitch, who was pushed out by President Donald Trump in 2019 following a smear campaign during his first impeachment, talks about the 6 January Capitol riot congressional hearings and whether the US has really returned to the world stage. Plus, she explains how Ukraine is an example to the world because of the way it has fought against the invasion.

Marie Yovanovitch is the former United States Ambassador to Ukraine, and she is also the author of a memoir called Lessons from the edge.

Yovanovitch discusses the recent “shocking” January 6 hearing and how Donald Trump engaged in “the essence of corruption.”

Yovanovitch was serving as ambassador in Ukraine was smeared as being a Soros agent and was pushed out from her job under Donald Trump after decades of service.

As the Ukraine war continues, Yovanovitch urges Western countries such as the US and the UK to maintain their support for the country. She admits she would “never have anticipated the robust response of the United States, of NATO, and of all the Allies combined.”

Ukraine rebuffing the Russia invasion, Yovanovitch argues, is crucial in upholding global democracy, “stopping Russia in Ukraine is far better than having to do it at another time in another place.”

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