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Qui Tam Lawyers Philadelphia, PA

A Qui Tam Lawsuit: What Is It?

There are two different forms of qui tam cases in the US. An “informant” or “whistleblower” lawsuit is the first kind. When someone brings a lawsuit under the False Claims Act, this happens (FCA). According to the FCA, a person may bring a qui tam lawsuit against a defendant who has defrauded the United States or engaged in other unlawful behavior on behalf of the federal government, a state, or a municipal government. A “qui tam action,” which is brought by the government and in which the government is the plaintiff, is the second kind of qui tam case. The United States v. Microsoft case is the most well-known illustration of this. The United States filed a qui tam lawsuit against Microsoft in this matter, claiming that the corporation had participated in a broad conspiracy to mislead the government by favoring its Internet Explorer browser over Netscape. That lawsuit was won by the government.

What distinguishes a qui tam action from the majority of other civil cases?
Qui tam cases are often thought of as an esoteric legal process when a person sues a business or government body and then, in return for a cut of the settlement, undertakes to keep any information that may implicate the defendant hidden. The truth is far more nuanced. While qui tam actions and other civil lawsuits have many similarities, they also vary significantly in a few key ways. The fact that a qui tam action has a far higher chance of success than a conventional lawsuit is one of the most significant distinctions. The cause is straightforward. The plaintiff in a typical civil action must establish that the defendant was truly accountable for their damage. Therefore, the plaintiff must demonstrate that the defendant acted willfully, carelessly, or negligently. In contrast, the plaintiff in a qui tam action just has to demonstrate that the defendant filed claims for payment that were purposefully false or fraudulent. This is so because the False Claims Act serves as the legal foundation for qui tam lawsuits. As a reaction to the widespread fraud that was prevalent during the Civil War, this regulation was created in 1863.

The law’s goal is to encourage people to report fraud by giving them an incentive to do so. This is accomplished by enabling such people to file lawsuits on the government’s behalf and get a cut of any settlements. A qui tam case may be quite effective, but it also has disadvantages. Finding someone ready to bring a qui tam action is exceedingly tough, which is one of the biggest drawbacks. The plaintiff must be a “original source” in the litigation. This implies that the individual must have firsthand knowledge of the events supporting the claimed fraud. Due of this, those with firsthand knowledge of the fraud—whistleblowers—usually bring qui tam claims.

Who Is Eligible to Be a Whistleblower Under the Qui Tam?

Former employees, contractors, or subcontractors of the organization that is being accused of misconduct may serve as whistleblowers. Anyone who chooses to come forward and disclose misconduct or other unlawful activities to the government or to another organization qualifies as a whistleblower. Under the False Claims Act, a federal statute, whistleblowers may be protected. If you are aware of fraud committed against the government, you may be entitled to a qui tam award. Whistleblowing is a tough business, therefore you need a Philadelphia, Pennsylvania whistleblower attorney who will fight for your rights and understands how to negotiate the nuances of federal law. Millions of dollars have been recovered for whistleblowers in fraudulent claims and other incidents of fraud by our Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, whistleblower legal company. Our attorneys will take the time to explain your choices and decide if you have a strong case for a whistleblower lawsuit since they have expertise dealing with whistleblowers. Contact our Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, whistleblower attorneys right now.

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