SEC Whistleblower Attorneys – Overview


The U.S. government recognizes that ordinary citizens and corporate insiders can make huge contributions to prosecuting securities and investment fraud. The SEC relies on information and assistance from whistleblowers to help them.
So who is a whistleblower? A whistleblower is anyone who provides new material information about a federal securities violation. If the information provided leads to an enforcement action of more than $1 million in sanctions, rewards will be between 10% and 30% of the sanctions.

Congress created the SEC Whistleblower Program to provide financial incentives for people to come forward when they suspect violations of federal securities laws and to provide protection for the whistleblowers.

Scott Silver of Silver Law explains more about the Whistleblower Program. He says:
“In order to be eligible for the SEC incentives, you can be a current employee of the company that you report, a victim of an investment scheme, or even an outside analyst who voluntarily provides new information. You need not submit the information yourself. It is possible and often advisable to submit the information through a securities whistleblower attorney.”

Silver continues to explain that various securities violations can give rise to whistleblowing.

Violations can include:
Insider trading
Misrepresentations in securities sales
Brokerage firm malfeasance
Fraud in buying or selling investments
(and) Market manipulation.

The Securities Whistleblower program protects your interests, however, it is not easy to navigate. If you suspect, or if you have suffered losses, due to a securities violation, the experienced team at SEC Whistleblower Attorneys are ready to protect and advance your interests.

One of their attorneys, Scott Silver, previously worked as a defense attorney on Wall Street, and he now uses insights gained from that experience to fight for the rights of whistleblowers and investors.

Another of their attorneys, David Chase, has gained substantial insights from previously working as Senior Counsel in the SEC’s Enforcement Division, prosecuting violations of securities laws.

If you have information and are considering becoming a whistleblower, visit Scott Silver and David Chase at or call them toll-free at 800-975-4345.


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