Storage Unit Guitar Theft! Your Guitars are not safe in storage units!


Baxter talks about a storage unit that was broken into and what you can learn to protect your gear. Help by contacting Casino Guitars if you have seen either of the people in the video or have seen these guitars in the Myrtle Beach area!

1990 pearl white Jackson SL1
1993 Red Jackson custom shop SL1 with big chip in headstock
1971 Goldtop Les Paul deluxe
2021 Fender custom shop 51 no caster aged blond
2013 fender USA gold sparkle super relic from guitar wacky
2017 USA EVH flamed maple with red kill switch installed – SN WG03645A
2021 Martin koa acoustic , the back looks like a tiki man


Sonoma Seeds - Spring Has Sprung 250x250


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