The Bendy Controversy, Revisited | The Story of Joey Drew Studios


Nearly 2 years later and about 9 months late: I’ve finally compiled everything I’ve been able to find investigating Joey Drew Studios/Kindly Beast.

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The Ex-Employee Interviews (text-only version):

The LinkTree I mentioned:

The playlist:

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The Reddit AMA:

00:00 Intro
2:43 Clarifications/Disclaimers
4:19 The Responses: Fan-Made Content
5:00 Fan Games
16:54 Theft
22:53 Fan Art Contest Winners
38:02 Content Creators
43:03 Public Kindly Beast Employee Responses
48:49 The 4th Firings
57:36 The Responses: Other
58:48 GameCrushed
1:11:00 The Gamergate Thing
1:19:38 Mike Mood: Other
1:20:55 BadMojo
1:28:46 Facebook Flexing
1:29:18 Writing Woes
1:40:45 Dreams Come to Life
1:49:13 Skip
1:53:21 Joey Gay
1:56:34 BioShock and the Parasite
2:15:24 theMeat of the Story
2:22:53 The Kindly Beast Interviews Introduction
2:25:06 Employee #1
2:55:51 Employee #2
3:20:17 Conclusion: Intro
3:20:54 Showdown Bandit: A Eulogy
3:23:07 Bendy’s Legacy
3:30:06 What do you do now?
3:33:56 Promoting Positivity
3:39:02 One Remains




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