Understanding HEX And PulseChain During A Bear Market: With RagstoRiches


Today, I will be discussing the current political landscape of the United States and the West and the macroeconomic structure thereof with RagstoRiches. We will also discuss the intricacies of HEX and PulseChain during a bear market. Topics discussed are listed below!

It is evident that Democrats, RINOs and statist enterprises are slowly destroying our civil liberties and annihilating our right to privacy, do you believe cryptocurrency is next? Has it lost its libertarian virtue that triumphs the ideals of capitalism, free markets, economic inclusivity and deregulation?

It is evident we’re in an inflation, and the middle class is slowly evaporating. The cost of housing, food and gas are at near all time highs, how does cryptocurrency, even in this slump, save us from this economic trap?

Do you still have your resolve for HEX, has anything changed since the market collapsed and HEX is now sitting between 3-5 cents?

For those who’re doubting hex because of its price, what is your response to them? How would you tell investors who’re at a loss to cope with their losses until the next bull?

What is your thought on the PulseChain delay? Do you believe that the way PulseChain was marketed from the “two more months” perspective over the course of a year was a good idea? Why or why not?

Do you believe that outrage marketing is effective, how do we as a community onboard more conservative investors who aren’t interested in Richard Hearts marketing methods of vaunting his penis and opulence?

What do you believe is the biggest hurdle developers face resulting in the indefinite PulseChain delay?

Any closing thoughts?

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